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"Authors are only as good as their editors. I know that for a fact! Chloe has provided me with an invaluable service—polishing the stone I created so that it shines.  She is also a joy to work with! I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for editorial or publishing design services."

J.L. Witterick, international best-selling author of My Mother's Secret and It Was Always Her

"Shout out to Chloe Faith Edits for her support. Every author needs a great editor. Thank you for helping me make this project a reality. This would not be happening without her! THE best editor ever. I love working with her!"

Libana Kissab, author of The Perfect Men

"Chloe Robinson has proven to be extremely valuable to our company. We can always rely on Chloe’s high quality and professionalism when proofreading, editing or writing new articles. Always 100 percent effort, great attitude and a pleasure to work with."

Bernard Joseph, Canada Christian Business Directory

“I highly recommend Chloe Faith for all your editing needs. As a debut author, I had a million questions. Chloe patiently walked me through each one and helped me step by step on the road to producing my first novel. Did I mention the incredible book cover she designed for me? Wow! After this great experience, I have now started my second novel and look forward to using her wonderful services again. Chloe Faith is a true blessing!"

Timothy Scott Smith, author of Nine Sanctions

"I’m so lucky I had the chance to work with Chloe! I can’t remember where I or how I found her through my Instagram or Google searches but truly so lucky I landed on her work. She created such a beautiful workbook off of my notes, I’ll be honest I went through a couple of editors for the job and none of them clicked till her! Appreciate all the work she's done! Can’t wait for my next project to hire her again!"

Kennidy Hassell, author of Mindset to Market: The Wedding Creative's Guide to Booking More Clients

"I never got the best grades in English, so it was a must that I had someone write my professional content for my business. Not only do I associate Chloe with copywriting, but I just knew she'd be the right fit to verbally illustrate my brand identity. She is witty, professional, structured, has the best grammar, and a million other things I wish I was. I will continue to use Chloe for all projects and would encourage anyone looking for a copywriter/ editor as well."

Mikayla Rugala, The Loft Queen

"Chloe’s astute observations allowed me to stand back and look more objectively at my work. She has that rare gift of understanding the key elements of plot and character building, and the ability to communicate improvements with great tact and clarity. I so enjoyed the tremendous learning arc I experienced while working with her.  Both my novel and I are the better for knowing her!"

Gwen K. Harvey, author of The Acquisition of Elizabeth Grace

"I highly recommend Chloe for all of your editing services! She is professional, timely and very helpful.
I had a last-minute editing request for a 4600-word book and her amazingly quick turnaround along with the great suggestions were superb! I am very happy with the editing!

Harpreet Matharu, Author of I AM Prepared! Allergy and Asthma Adventures with Harp

"Launching a publishing house, there are mistakes made, constant decisions to make, and constant fires to put out. But Chloe handles everything with such professionalism. So, the one mistake I’m confident that I did NOT make is hiring Chloe Robinson, who, at this point, could run RE:BOOKS. From editing to designing to pitching our titles to our sales reps at Canadian Manda Group she is fearless and her work ethic knows no bounds! RE:BOOKS wouldn’t be a success story without her!"

Rebecca Eckler, international 10x bestselling author and founder/publisher of RE:BOOKS Publishing

"Any business owner knows how many hats are required to succeed. Chloe's services helped my brand take away the stress and unknown of writing high quality copy in order to bring in potential clients. This saved me many hours I was wasting, so I could focus on growing my business. I highly recommend her."

Broden McMillen, King St. Social

Hi there!

My name is Chloe. I'm a passionate, award-winning, and detail-oriented literary editor with experience in copywriting, book cover design, and freelance journalism.  Currently based in Toronto, I serve as the Acquisitions and Managing Editor at RE:BOOKS Publishing. With a robust background in editorial, design, and publishing, and over fifteen traditionally published books under my belt, I've collaborated extensively with authors and publishers across North America and Europe.​ My educational foundation includes an Honours BA in English Literature from Toronto Metropolitan University, and a Graduate Certification in Book and Magazine Publishing from Centennial College.

I specialize in editing thrillers, romance, women's fiction, and historical fiction. I also have sufficient experience editing memoirs.  I can edit to Canadian, American, or UK Standard English.


When I'm not editing, I like to travel to new countries and stay active with workout classes, tennis, bike rides, and runs.  Oh, and I also take way too many pictures of my dogs and cats. Sorry, not sorry.

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Professional Resume







Acquisitions and Managing Editor, RE:BOOKS Publishing

  • Independent publisher established 2021 in Toronto, Canada

Freelance Editor and Writer, various publishers & clients with Chloe Faith Edits

  • Publisher clients include FriesenPress (Canada), RavenCrest Publishing (UK)

  • Self-published authors

Editorial Assistant, The Rights Factory Literary Agency

Sales Manager, On the Danforth Magazine

Start-up Founder, Heritage Furoshiki

Student Ambassador, Toronto Metropolitan University




Book, Magazine, and Electronic Publishing Certification, Centennial College

  • Intensive introduction to the Canadian publishing industry

  • Recipient of 2023 Dean’s Award

Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Research interests include Classics, Genre Fiction, Non-fiction, Music History and Theory, Canadian Literature, Western Art History, and Psychology

  • Recipient of 2020 Literary Digital Media Award

  • Recipient of 2021 W.H. Buock and J.D. Hague Memorial Award

  • Recipient of 2021 Faculty of Arts Social Venture Prize

  • Founding Start-up Member of Zone Learning Business Incubator

Editorial Portfolio

Just Gone Front Cover_edited.png

Pub date: September 17 2024, RE:BOOKS

Just Gone, written by Jo Deluzio

yellow birds final cover.jpg

Pub date: March 5 2024, RE:BOOKS

Yellow Birds, written by Karen Green

the acquisition of elizabeth grace (11).jpg

Pub date: March 26 2024, RE:BOOKS

The Acquisition of Elizabeth Grace, written by Gwen K. Harvey

Wife by the hour (1).jpg

Pub date: April 9 2024, RE:BOOKS

Wife by the Hour, written by Gail Treasure

Nine Sanctions front cover.png

Pub date: June 28 2024, self-published

Nine Sanctions, by Timothy Scott Smith

in a manor of speaking cover.jpeg

Pub date:  2024, FriesenPress Publishing

In A Manor of Speaking, written by Joan McNamee

recognise me cover.jpg

Pub date: May 15, Ravencrest Publishing

Recognise ME: a memoir documenting the raw journey through medical gaslighting as a chronic illness patient, by Anneke Vliegen

cats cover.jpg

Pub date: January 16 2023, RE:BOOKS

CATS, written by Pamela Wallin

work boyfriend cover.jpeg

Pub date: November 28 2023, RE:BOOKS

The Work Boyfriend, written by Rebecca Mardon

surviving the closet final cover.jpeg

Pub date: November 7 2023, RE:BOOKS

Surviving the Closet, written by Jo Deluzio

perfect men cover.jpg

Pub date: March 12 2024, self-published

The Perfect Men, written by Libana Kissab

mindset to market.webp

Pub date: September 27 2023, self-published

Mindset to Market: The Wedding Creative's Guide to Booking More Clients, written by Kennidy Hassell

Honeymoon at sea cover designs june 28 (10).jpg

Pub date: September 19 2023, RE:BOOKS

Honeymoon at Sea, written by Jennifer Silva Redmond


Pub date: 2023, FriesenPress Publishing

The Shell of Me: A Survivor's Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse, written by Donna Patricia Castle


Published May 30 2023, RE:BOOKS

Most Hated, written by Kara Alloway

Editorial Services and Rates

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is a thorough review of a manuscript's content, structure, and coherence. It addresses plot, character development, pacing, and thematic consistency. The goal is to refine the manuscript's overall narrative, enhancing clarity, engagement, and effectiveness before proceeding to copyediting and proofreading. I recommend this as a first step for manuscripts.



Proofreading is a final review of a manuscript to catch minor errors such as typos, misspellings, punctuation issues, and formatting inconsistencies. It occurs after copyediting and aims to ensure a polished, error-free document for publication, focusing on fine details and adherence to style and layout guidelines.


Book Cover Design

I specialize in creating affordable book cover designs for authors. With over ten traditionally published book covers and numerous self-published projects under my belt, I bring a wealth of experience to every design. My background as a Managing Editor gives me a unique insight into printer requirements, editing software, and the elements of visually appealing and well-aligned covers.

Flat rate, varies project by project, but on average, costs are expected to be between $300-$450.

Line Editing

Line editing is a detailed review of the manuscript's language and writing style. Editors focus on sentence-level improvements, including grammar, syntax, word choice, and clarity. The goal is to enhance readability, fluency, and the overall quality of the prose while preserving the author's voice. I typically combine this service with a full standard copyedit.


Editorial Assessment

During an editorial assessment, I act as an alpha/beta reader and provide a general readers report, with helpful marketing and sales information for your manuscript. This includes:

- Synopsis

- Marketing keywords

- BISAC codes

- Strengths and weaknesses

- Editorial services recommended

Flat fee of $350 for manuscripts up to 75,000 words. Additional fee for larger projects. This is highly recommended for first time authors.


Copyediting is a meticulous review of a manuscript for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency in style and formatting. It ensures that the text is error-free and adheres to established language conventions, making it clear, precise, and ready for publication while maintaining the author's intended meaning and tone. Fact-checking may be included.


Copywriting and Journalism

As a copywriter, I create compelling and persuasive written content for various media, including advertisements, websites, marketing materials, and more. Copy aims to engage and influence the audience and promote products or services. I also write, research, and report news stories and features for various newspapers, magazines, and websites. Topics vary. Check out my portfolio for a few examples of my previously published copy and articles.

Flat rate, varies project by project.

Please note that the rates listed are my average prices, but an official quote for your individual work will be determined upon a brief examination of the work to be edited. Some texts are more complex than others, which would require higher rates.

I am always open to price negotiation with authors. 15% discount to returning clients.


Prices will vary with each project based on the difficulty of the text, the length, and the services utilized. I always try my best to create multiple  quotes and packages for authors, and I'm always open to negotiation to work within their budget.

Please refer to my average starting rates on the services page.

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